Born Free – Mandela’s Generation of Hope

Born Free, Mandela’s Generation of Hope. (Short-doc, 13:39 min), 2019

In 1994 South Africa held its first inclusive elections. These brought an end to decades of white minority rule. A new constitution gave all South Africans equal rights. As the nation’s first black president, Nelson Mandela focused on reconciliation and hope for the future. It would be up to the young generation to make his dream of a rainbow nation come true. Over twelve years ago photojournalist and videographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien started working on a project about South Africa’s youth, specifically on the ‘born free generation’. These are the children born in the years right after apartheid was abolished and Nelson Mandela became president. They are now young adults. They are Mandela’s human legacy: the first generation in which every South African has the same opportunities and racial segregation, on paper, is a thing of the past. They were to be the face of a new, free, and successful South Africa.

Born Free, Mandela’s generatie van hoop. (Long-form documentary, 52 min), VPRO, 2019

Long-form documentary about the Born Free Generation, in collaboration with VPRO.