VII Photo Agency

Since 2017 Ilvy Njiokiktjien is a member of VII Photo Agency. VII is a international collective of 29 leading photojournalists dedicated to exposing and reporting on issues around the world through photography and multimedia.

Over the years it has earned a reputation for uncompromising photography far beyond the frontlines of its foundation. Since its launch in 2001, VII has been recognized as one of the world’s preeminent photographer-owned photography and media agencies and has inspired many imitators. VII is immersed in photography that amplifies local voices and addresses the complex political, cultural, environmental, social and economic questions facing mankind today.

VII Photo Agency was created in 2001 by seven of the world’s leading photojournalists and now represents 29 of the world’s preeminent photojournalists. VII’s members place great value on the power of images to tell important stories. They are motivated by issues and are proud to elevate those issues above the cult of the image or the cult of the photographer.